Blenheim Palace to host Yves Klein exhibition

25 April 2018

Blenheim Palace, the Oxfordshire home of the Churchill family, is to host a summer exhibition devoted to the work of artist Yves Klein.

The exhibition, which will open in July 2018, is to be the most comprehensive UK exhibition of Klein's work, and will include paintings and exhibition pieces.

Blenheim has announced that the exhibition will include Klein's version of the Venus de Milo, executed in the International Klein Blue ultramarine pigment that characterised much of his work.

“His attitude to life was that everything was possible as long as you set your mind to it – a very positive outlook on the world which is perhaps something we need more than ever now,” says Michael Frahm, the exhibition's curator and director of the Blenheim Art Foundation. “He died too young, but he was hugely hard working, and his work remains highly influential, one of the most original and influential artists of the 20th century.”