London Design Festival

Prism by Keiichi Matsuda


18 September 2012

"We have the physical London above and the digital London below," says Keiichi Matsuda, stood in front of his installation Prism at the V&A. "I love the idea that it's some alien artefact that's been up here for years growing fat on the data."

Commissioned by Veuve Clicquot, Prism is a washi paper sculpture hung in the V&A cupola, a deserted tower space that sits above the museum's grand entrance. An iron spiral staircase next to Prism leads up onto the museum's roof, from where visitors can look out over London.

Composed of 50 panels, Prism displays 50 data feeds taken from around London. The displays are constantly updated and flicker across the washi; many of them modelled on the textile collections at the V&A.

"We have the literal view of London above, whereas Prism is an alternate view," says Matsuda. "We have data fields from all over the city, like data from TFL and data showing the amount of electricity used in 10 Downing Street. It lives in the tower of the V&A, but its eyes and ears are around the city."

In this film, Disegno shows Prism, the cupola and the view from the roof of the V&A. Prism is on display at the V&A until 23 September.