London Design Festival

Open call for The Brompton Pitch


6 August 2013

Disegno is proud to announce an open call to participate in The Brompton Pitch, an open-air design market to take place on Exhibition Road in South Kensington during London Design Festival (LDF).

Produced by Brompton Design District in collaboration with Disegno, The Brompton Pitch is a three-day showcase for design, in which products or services will be available for sale. It is a public event, giving participating designers a platform in the public sphere to share their work during LDF in September.

The Pitch will be an intimate set of seven stands based on the prestigious Exhibition Road. It will present a broad spectrum of design, accommodating works ranging from product design, small-scale manufacturing and consultancy through to fashion, graphics and digital design.* Each stand will be conceived, occupied, customised and run by an individual design team as an opportunity to communicate their work to a mass audience.

The Brompton Pitch will be curated by design consultant Jane Withers and Disegno's editor-in-chief Johanna Agerman Ross. "We want to put things right onto the street and see how design stands up in an open forum context," says Withers. "It’s about showing a non-design audience that design isn’t just about pretty products and cute chairs but can engage with our lives in other ways."

To celebrate the announcement of The Brompton Pitch, we are holding an open call for participating designers. Three spaces in the site are available to design teams wishing to present their practice during LDF and who have an exciting concept for a stand design to exhibit and/or sell their work.

"The Brompton Pitch should inspire people to think about design in different ways," says Withers. "We want to hear from designers who can surprise us with what they want to show and who have a compelling reason for why they want to talk to a new audience. We want to see a different kind of dialogue about design emerging."

Full details about how to apply for a stand in The Brompton Pitch follow below:

What entrants should supply
One PDF, with a maximum of four pages, to include:

  1. A concept description (max. 100 words)

  2. A visualisation of the content of the stand

  3. A visualisation of the stand design (based on the standard stand design pictured above)

  4. An explanation (max. 70 words) of why you want to be part of The Brompton Pitch and how you would use it to communicate to the public

Before submitting your entry, please consider:

  1. Each participant will be given a standard market stall (pictured above) to customise and a £500 budget for its customisation

  2. Each participant will be responsible for the total concept, production and operation of the stand during The Brompton Pitch

  3. The stand needs to be demounted at night and set up each morning. Local storage will be provided, but the designer is responsible for accessing this each evening and morning

  4. Some lighting system, either solar or car battery-powered, must be considered for lighting the stall after dusk

  5. Consider rain protection both for the stall and products

  6. The stalls measure 6ft x 4ft. More detailed measurements are available upon request