Disegno in Tokyo exhibition


6 November 2012

Disegno was recently exhibited as part of Contemporary Collected, a Tokyo Design Week show celebrating Swedish design.

Split across two venues, Contemporary Collected looked at both Swedish design objects and graphic designs. Disegno was exhibited in the show's graphic design portion at Tokyo's IKI-BA library. The exhibition was curated by Gustaf Kjellin and Katrin Greiling for the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.

"There is a connection between Japan and Sweden," said Kjellin. "People always talk about Swedish and Japanese design sharing a minimalist aesthetic and a certain closeness to nature. We also wanted to include graphic design because the Japanese are fascinated with Swedish graphic design. They use 'ä' and 'ö' in their visual language a lot."

The exhibition featured new, independent Swedish publishers, such as b-b-b-books. Kjellin said that Disegno - which has Scandinavian roots through its Swedish editor Johanna Agerman Ross - was chosen to represent a new breed of Swedish publication.

"We included Form Magazine in the exhibition, which is the oldest design publication in the world. Disegno is the latest one. It has a Swedish connection and is clearly of high quality. There are a lot of Swedish designers reading it. It was good to have the oldest and the newest."

The displayed books and magazines, Disegno included, have now been donated to IKI-BA to help form a new Swedish design resource for the venue.

The design product section of the exhibition - which was hosted in in Tokyo's Midori.So space - included new work from the designers Anton Alvarez, Hilda Hellström, Front, Hay and Form Us With Love.

"We wanted to show something contemporary," said Kjellin. "It was about showing what’s happening now and what contemporary Swedish design looks like."