Video Interview

Giles Price discusses his life in the Royal Marines and photography


2 August 2012

Giles Price is the photographer behind E20 12 Under Construction, an exhibition of aerial photography of the Olympic site. But before his life as a photographer, Price served in the Royal Marine Commandos in Iraq during the first Gulf War.

While in Iraq, Price developed his interest in photography by creating a snapshot diary of his experiences in the military. These photographs, Operation Haven are now stored in London's Imperial War Museum.

When Price left the Marines following injuries sustained during service, he pursued a career in photography. The photographs he had taken in Iraq while leaning out the side of a Chinook helicopter would lead to E20 12 Under Construction, a series of architectural shots of the Olympic site in Stratford, which can be seen in Disegno No.1.

In this video, Disegno talks to Price about his life in the military and the surprising crossovers between his work as a photographer and experiences as a marine.