Disegno's 4th day of Christmas: A Practice for Everyday Life


27 December 2012

Disegno's fourth day of Christmas brings with it an origami snowflake from A Practice for Everyday Life. Founded in 2003 by Kirsty Carter and Emma Thomas, A Practice for Everyday Life is a graphic design studio known for its elegant, restrained aesthetic. The studio attracted particular attention this year for its work on the Barbican's Bauhaus: Art as Life exhibition and its design for Gareth Williams' 21 Twenty One design book.

Disegno's 12 Days of Christmas is a charity project asking 12 designers, fashion designers, graphic designers and architects to create a seasonal decoration from a single sheet of B1 paper. Sponsored by Fedrigoni UK, all designers' fees from the project will go towards the disaster relief charity Article 25. The money will fund one of the charity's experts in Haiti for two months, where they are helping to oversee the earthquake relief effort.

Full details of the project can be found here


"A Practice for Everyday Life's submission for 12 Days of Christmas is a straightforward and simple interpretation of the brief, using nothing more than a B1 sheet of 150gsm tracing paper. Whilst we love the kitsch and excess that Christmas brings, we wanted to create something quieter and more minimal as a foil to all the camp glitziness of traditional decorations, and origami seemed a logical way in which to achieve this. Harking back to the folded and snipped paper snowflakes we all made as children, it channels the nostalgia of the season into a more adult and intricate outcome.

"Our forthcoming projects for 2013 include the design of a major retrospective exhibition and accompanying fanzine for the artist Linder, which opens in Paris in February 2013, and a new visual identity for fashion designer Eudon Choi."