Draw for Victory


1 May 2020

Disegno is delighted to announce that it has partnered with furniture brand Modus and lighting company Anglepoise on an exclusive giveaway of works by the celebrated designer Sir Kenneth Grange: a March chair and a Type 80 desk lamp.

Disegno is looking for two winners, each of whom will receive a chair and lamp. Entering the competition is simple: all you have to do is submit a drawing of your favourite Kenneth Grange design to under the subject line Kenneth Grange competition. All entries will be judged by Disegno's editorial team.

A sketch by Sir Kenneth Grange.

Few designers have made as significant a contribution to postwar Britain as Grange. From the domestic interior of Morphy Richards irons, Ronson lighters, Kodak cameras, Parker pens and Wilkinson Sword razors, through to the public realm's livery of Adshell Sigma bus shelters, InterCity 125 trains, rural postboxes, Venner parking meters, and London black cabs, Grange's work is a whistle-stop tour through 20th-century design.

In the 21st century, Grange has further developed his enviable output, exploring lighting design in his role, since 2003, as design director of Anglepoise, as well as forming a long-lasting relationship with Modus. He even found time in 2018 to reengineer the pint glass.

Kenneth Grange and Jack Smith's original March chair for Modus.

This year, Grange has returned to Modus to design a new version of his 2015 March chair, a design executed in concert with Jack Smith of SmithMatthias. At the time of March's release, Grange explained to Disegno that the design was informed by an attention to detail.

“When you bring a design off well, at a glance the result looks commonplace,” he said. “You tweak it and refine it that little bit from the standard pattern. It’s not a big order of difference, but it is an order of difference worth having.”

The March Lite is a design in this same spirit: a rationalisation of the original March that pares back the aesthetic, as well as reducing the number of materials to allow for more efficient production. The new design is available in natural or stained ash, with optional upholstered seat.

To celebrate the release of the March Lite, Disegno has partnered with Modus and Anglepoise to give away one of the original March chairs (retail price: £529), as well as a Type 80 desk lamp (retail price: £199). Grange designed the Type 80 in 2019 as a 21st-century reimagining of engineer George Carwardine's original 1227 lamp from 1935, and introduced a graphic "halo" light-escape feature in the shade.

“In the history of domestic lighting there is one truly iconic element and it must surely be the conical shade," says Grange. "With the Type 80 the visual attraction of light spilling onto the shade's outer surface aims to make the iconic even more distinguished.”

The Type 80 Anglepoise lamp.

The competition is open now, so don't delay – send in a drawing of your favourite Kenneth Grange and you could be one of two lucky winners!

To enter the competition please submit a drawing to under the subject line Kenneth Grange competition.

The competition will close at 6pm GMT on 15 May.