Special Project

Visions for 2017: Awe


1 January 2017

After the annus horribilis of 2016, what might 2017 have in store?

This was the question that Disegno sent out to a group of 12 design studios at the end of the year, with an open brief to design a poster setting out a vision for 2017. The designers were given rein to speculate, snipe, critique, amuse or predict. Disegno will publish the results of what they came up on Disegno Daily throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

The results are wildly divergent, all presenting a different vision for what the world has in store for the coming year. Some are optimistic, others mournful. All, however, evince their creators’ ability to surmise complex information and ideas in immediately graspable and relatable graphics and imagery.

Disegno’s tenth poster was designed by Awe, a practice founded by James Patmore and Florian Dussopt that designs creative installations for commercial clients. Since its foundation, Awe has worked with brands such as LVMH, Audi, Bombay Sapphire, Virgin Atlantic, Selfridges and DeBeers. This year, the studio collaborated with Disegno and Etro to create the exhibition design for The Circle of Poets: The London Edition exhibition.

Awe's poster for 2017 is titled Good morning!. "It is the advances of Science and Technology that normally get us excited when thinking of the future," say Dussopt an Patmore. "However this past year definitely got us wired on politics, with 2016 feeling a bit like a brutal alarm tone. As the shock subsides we are now wide awake, full of hope that the current trend will dissolve into something positive. Let’s gather our energy. Good morning 2017!"