Visions for 2017

5 January 2017

After the annus horribilis of 2016, what might 2017 have in store?

This was the question that Disegno sent out to a group of 12 design studios at the end of 2016, with an open brief to design a poster setting out a vision for 2017. The designers were given rein to speculate, snipe, critique, amuse or predict. Disegno published the results throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

The 12 posters are wildly divergent, all presenting a different vision for what the world has in store for the coming year. While designer Peter Marigold offered a satire on the role of Rupert Murdoch and the influence of News Corp on politicians and the public in the UK's decision to leave the European Union, product and furniture designer Michael Marriott took a more optimistic approach. "After all that has happened during 2016," Marriott told Disegno, "we have to look to things we can believe in and that represent positive aspects of life and the future, like trees!”

Other posters designs include a tilting spirit level, created by product and furniture designer Liliana Ovalle, that reflects upon shifts in global politics; a duo of posters by design studio De Allegri and Fogale that examine society’s treatment of the environment; and a response to notions of cooperation, conceived by jewellery studio Räthel & Wolf in collaboration with graphic designer Konstantinos Trichas.

Disegno would like to thank all the designers that took part in the project for their thought-provoking contributions. The 2016 Disegno Special Project participants are: Michael Marriott, Awe, Peter Marigold, De Allegri and Fogale, Luca Cipelletti, Muf Architecture, Ineke Hans, Räthel & Wolf and Konstantinos Trichas, Laureline Galliot, Special Projects, Liliana Ovalle and Raw Edges.