The Winning Entries


28 May 2020

Earlier this month, Disegno launched 'Draw for Victory', a competition to win a Modus March chair and Anglepoise Type 80 desk lamp – both works by the celebrated industrial designer Sir Kenneth Grange.

Hosted in conjunction with furniture manufacturer Modus and lighting company Anglepoise, the competition asked readers to submit a drawing of their favourite design by Grange, whose career in industrial design began in the early 1950s and which has continued to this day – earlier this year, for instance, Grange revealed his new March Lite chair for Modus. To mark the competition's launch, Disegno interviewed Grange about the importance of drawing to his practice.

The entries received were of an exceptionally high standard, covering a wide range of work from Grange's near-70 years in design. Now, Disegno is delighted to reveal the two winning entries, selected by the journal's editorial team.

Anglepoise Type 75 lamp, drawn by Charlie Fowler.

Charlie Fowler's drawing of the Anglepoise Type 75, designed by Grange in 2004, was selected for its intelligent use of the medium to represent light. While multiple entries to the competition chose to highlight Grange's work for Anglepoise, of which he became design director in 2003, Fowler's illustration stood out for the neat method of capturing illumination.

Kodak Instamatic 33, drawn by Maria Ramon Vazquez.

Maria Ramon Vazquez's illustration of the Kodak Instamatic 33, which reached the market in 1970, was selected for its use of colour. Abandoning the monochrome of the actual design, the drawing selected a fantastical summer palette that seemed to capture the accessibility and ease of use of the original point-and-shoot camera.

While Fowler and Ramon Vazquez's illustrations were selected by Disegno's editorial team, the standard of entries across the board was exceptionally high – numerous entries would have made for worthy winners. In acknowledgment of this, we're delighted to share some of our favourites below.

Mariner desk clock for Taylor Instrument Companies, 1971. Drawing by Margarida Mesquita.
Kenneth pint glass for Camden Town Brewery, 2018. Drawing by Emma Clifton.
Intercity 125 train, 1975. Drawing by Billy Webb.
Brownie Vecta camera for Kodak, 1964. Drawing by Oscar Diaz
Type 75 lamp for Anglepoise, 2004. Drawing by Fazal Thanveer.
Intercity 125 train, 1975. Drawing by Natalie Kane.
Rio Ronson hairdryer, 1966. Drawing by Jimin Jeon.
Kenwood hand whisk, 1973. Drawing by Rodrigo Chávez Heres.
Kenwood Mini Mixer, 1972. Drawing by Josephine Neill.
Short & Mason barometer and thermometer, 1965. Drawing by Lydia Thornley.