The 2°C exhibition opening


22 September 2015

Last night saw the opening of 2°C, an exhibition about communicating climate change that was devised by Disegno, designed by Universal Design Studio and staged at The Aram Gallery.

Hosted during the London Design Festival (LDF), the opening of 2°C saw guests gather in The Aram Gallery on Drury Lane to mark the launch of December No.9 and the opening of 2°C, an exhibition featuring proposals for climate change campaigns created by 10 leading designers and architects.

Disegno challenged Marjan van Aubel, Sam Baron, Maria Blaisse, Ilona Gaynor, Ross Lovegrove, Neri & Hu, Parsons & Charlesworth, PearsonLloyd, Universal Design Studio and Dominic Wilcox to reconsider the way in which climate change is presented in the public domain.

The results were displayed in both Disegno No.9 and in a series of objects and installations displayed at The Aram Gallery. Under the curation of The Aram Gallery's Riya Patel, the designers responded with, amongst other projects, a fridge that displays the vast quantity of CO2 and water required to produce even a tiny globule of beef; a home printer that sporadically churn out doom-laden messages about the effect of climate change on the human body; photography of the Earth at night, glimpsed through a darkened aperture; and a delicate glass mobile that balances a candle with a beaker of plant life.

The 2°C exhibition was created by award-winning architecture and interior design practice Universal Design Studio, which housed each exhibit in a spruce plywood booth. The plywood was precisely CNC-cut, with the panels are secured in place by black ratchets.

To mark the opening night of the exhibition and the accompanying magazine launch, Disegno is delighted to share a photo gallery at the top of this page of the opening night of the exhibition. We hope that you enjoy the images.