In Brief

SoShiro Gallery opens in London


29 October 2020

SoShiro, a new gallery dedicated to art, craft and design, has opened in London. It is based in a Georgian townhouse in Marylebone and debuts with an exhibition titled The Ainu Collection.

The show features furniture and accessories inspired by the crafts traditions of the Ainu, an Indigenous people in northern Japan. The show includes work by the Ainu sculptor Toru Kaizawa, which has been incorporated into the final collection.

The gallery was founded by interior architect, designer and curator Shiro Muchiri. Born in Kenya, Muchiri trained in interior designer in Milan before setting up her own studio in London.

SoShiro will host craft and design shows featuring global making cultures, and will also act as an events space and incubator for new designers and creatives.

“Underlying every collection and collaboration is the commitment to breathing new life into artisanal communities and sustaining historic craft,” Muchiri explains. “In addition to giving designers and artists a platform to exhibit their own work, we like to bring craftsmanship from very different regions together.” By way of example, Muchiri points to the current show, which features “beautifully executed medicine/wellness cabinets that incorporate wooden handles intricately carved by the Ainu people of Northern Japan.”

“Having spent my life working in the design industry I wanted to establish a platform that celebrates all kinds of aesthetics, not just those from a certain provenance as there are so many stories to tell – stories with real people at their core,” Muchiri concludes.

SoShiro can be found at 23 Welbeck Street, London W1G 8DZ. The Ainu Collection runs until the end of November 2020.