The Crit

Robots For Public Delight


1 April 2021

As goods and products begin to flow freely down the Suez Canal once more, so too has The Crit returned to offer a steady flow of all the latest design news.

In ‘Robots for public delight’, our hosts examine that Suez Crisis; the future of the 2021 Salone del Mobile; a name change at the Serpentine Galleries; the selection of Alan Turing to appear on the UK's £50 polymer banknote; the design legacy of Zeev Aram; MSCHF's satanic Nikes with Lil Nas X; a new robot from Boston Dynamics; Normann Copenhagen's work with recycled plastic; patio furniture from Moooi; a new lamp from Tala; and mimetic flooring from Tarkett.

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Show Notes: Ep.08 ‘Robots for public delight’

00:14 The Suez Canal

02:44 Salone del Mobile

06:31 Alan Turing £50 note

13:07 The Serpentine Galleries name change

17:08 MSCHF and Little Nas X Satan Shoes

21:31 Zeev Aram

25:44 Boston Dynamics

31:47 Bit by Normann Copenhagen

32:50 Barani by Moooi

34:33 Reflection by Tala

36:00 iD Inspiration by Tarkett


All music for The Crit has been created by Yuri Suzuki and Team Suzuki (Adam Cheong-MacLeod and Charlie Carroll) at Pentagram, and our logo was designed by Leonhard Rothmoser.