Wembley Park

22 November 2018

A set of gold-wrapped stairs, printed three times with the word "love". As you move across the space, the letter forms shift in and out of focus, assembling and disassembling in front of you.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. is the work of the London-based studio Committee. Commissioned by Disegno as one of two Christmas installations for Wembley Park, the piece is intended as a commentary upon the complex cultural messaging of the season, as well as upon the ongoing development of the new Wembley Park neighbourhood on which it has been erected.

Committee, founded by designers Clare Page and Harry Richardson, were tasked with developing a graphic installation for the Spanish Steps that connect Wembley Stadium and the square outside of Wembley Arena.

“Without [Love], what is Christmas?” ask Richardson and Page. “What is a home? What is a city? What is architecture? What is civic space? What is our work or purpose? What are our all of our cultural practices of religion, sport or art... or any other shared activity?”

The installation sees the risers of the Spanish Steps wrapped in a golden vinyl covering – a colouring intended to evoke both preciousness, but also brute commercialism. Giant white, sans serif letters have been printed across the gold, spelling out the word “LOVE” three times. As the viewer moves across the installation, the white forms shift in and out of focus – only when stood directly in front of the stairs are the words spelt out clearly. The words have been printed to produce a trompe-l'œil effect, such that "LOVE" seems to stand up proud from the steps, casting a shadow behind it.

The white letters sit as part of the steps, but are also intended to feel disconnected from the environment. Seemingly projected in front of the space, it is unclear as to whether the word are intended as a statement, a question, a call to arms, or an absence.

“In this stark presentation of the word LOVE, we can see an invitation, a hope, a command, a protest or an obstruction, depending on your interpretation,” the studio said. “It can refer to every form of love, from religious faith to romantic infatuation, from the familial to the civic.”