London Design Festival 2019: Reuse and Reclamation


18 September 2019

Sustainability, reuse and reclamation of waste material come to the fore in the second episode of the 2019 Disegno London Design Festival (LDF) podcast, now available online.

The second episode of the podcast looks at Paul Cocksedge’s Please be Seated public seating installation; Attua Aparicio Torinos’s Expressive Proverbs ceramic series as part of her A Boundless World: In the Face of Tradition exhibition for MDR Gallery; and A Second Life by Matter of Stuff, featuring work by Brodie Neill, Matteo Fogale and Emma Archer, and Studio Furthermore.

Reuse and Reclamation is the second instalment in Disegno’s LDF podcast series, which sees the journal’s editorial team podcasting from around the city as they analyse the festival’s various installations, exhibitions and events.

The new podcast – as well as the first episode, Design and Public Archives – are available to download here. All of Disegno’s podcasts are also available from iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever else you get your podcasts.

Plate 6 from Attua Aparicio Torino's Expressive Proverbs series

Please Be Seated by Paul Cocksedge

A Second Life by Matter of Stuff at Sketch

PiM Studio Architects for A Second Life at Sketch.
Brodie Neill for A Second Life at Sketch.
Matteo Fogale and Emma Archer for A Second Life at Sketch.
Studio Furthermore for A Second Life at Sketch.