Laureline Galliot x Disegno


2 May 2018

To celebrate London Craft Week, Disegno has partnered with citizenM and the artist and designer Laureline Galliot to stage a pair of iPad digital painting workshops.

Hosted at citizenM's Tower of London hotel, the workshops will be led by Galliot, who will guide participants through the techniques required to create digital artworks on an iPad. Galliot will lead an evening workshop on Wednesday 9 May (6-8pm) and a breakfast class on Thursday 10 May (9-11am).

Galliot is a laureate of the prestigious Design Parade competition in Hyères, France. Her practice challenges the norms and traditions of industrial design by recasting physical production methods using digital techniques such as touch-screen tablets and 3D animation. In so doing, Galliot creates a new framework within which industrial objects might be considered, as well as using touch-screen interfaces to reconnect the design process with a physical gesture.

"The most enjoyable part of introducing people to the world of iPad drawing is to encourage them loose their inhibitions,” says Galliot. “Look at Picasso who trained all his life to make his drawings look like those of kids: a good drawing is a drawing that transmits an emotion, and with the iPad, as we can draw with our fingers, this expression is even stronger.”

Galliot has employed digital drawing and painting as an integral part of her discipline. Utilising a series of bold, colourful, naive strokes, Galliot builds up images of startling complexity and vitality. It is this craft which she will teach as part of the citizenM workshops.

Accompanying the classes, Disegno has curated an exhibition of Galliot's digital prints, objects and textiles, which will be on display in the lobby of citizenM. “I'm so happy CitizenM is hosting my work and the two workshops," says Galliot, "as I hope it’ll let people experience for themselves that to express oneself through drawing is something everyone can take enjoyment from.”

Disegno has previously collaborated with Galliot in 2016, when she created 'The Dream of Reality' for Disegno #13, a comic book adaptation of A.A. Milne's 1924 poem 'Nursery Chairs'. Galliot's version of the poem was intended to challenge the way in which we look at the objects that surround us: "It shows the way that we have to look at objects to let them speak," she wrote. "The personal discoveries we make that are beyond what is obvious to everyone else."