In Brief

Kanye West plans to bring Yeezy production to Wyoming


30 June 2020

Cody, Wyoming, is a town of just under 10,000 inhabitants, in a state that has little to no textile industry.

Now, however, Kanye West has announced that the town is to be the manufacturing hub for his Yeezy brand and its collaborations with Gap and Adidas.

Speaking to the Cody Enterprise, West said, “We needed to start our Yeezy organization in Wyoming.”

A spokesperson has said that Yeezy plans to produce more than 1m pairs of footwear in Wyoming by the start of next year, with apparel production to begin shortly thereafter. The brand already has a footwear sample and prototype facility in Cody.

Yeezy's long-running partnership with Adidas generated $1.3bn last year, while it announced a new partnership with Gap last week to produce apparel for men, women and children.

West has previously recorded an album in Wyoming and is reported to have purchased multiple properties around Cody. He has previously referred to the property in the town as “Yeezy Campus”.