Video Interview

Faudet-Harrison on the Kenneth sofa


22 February 2012

After years of working on joint projects Jon Harrison and Jochem Faudet set up the studio Faudet-Harrison last year. Here they speak about their first furniture project to go into production – the Kenneth sofa and armchair for British brand SCP.

British Jon Harrison and Dutch Jochem Faudet first met at the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art in London. "We worked together already in college and have always collaborated on projects since graduating," says Harrison. "But it wasn't until last year that we decided to make it official under the banner of Faudet-Harrison."

Together they have done exhibition design for designers Dunne and Raby and the Design Museum, as well as interiors for brands like shoe maker Tracey Neuls. They also made a magazine stand for Disegno when our first issue launched last year.

In this film we visit Faudet-Harrison's Shoreditch studio and follow them to the SCP store in east London where we have a look at the Kenneth sofa and armchair. It's a gentle nudge to their fondness for mid-century modern furniture design, as well as a former teacher of theirs at the Royal College of Art.