Disegno at the Salone del Mobile


7 April 2019

The Salone del Mobile begins next week, coinciding with the launch of Disegno #22. To celebrate the launch of the spring issue of the Quarterly Journal of Design, Disegno is collaborating with two brands in Milan. Read on for further details.


Disegno x Herman Miller
Dispatches, How to Catalyze the Workplace for Growth

Disegno has collaborated with Herman Miller to launch a special print publication: Dispatches, How to Catalyze the Workplace for Growth.

In autumn 2014, Disegno published the inaugural edition of Dispatches, a supplement examining the development of Herman Miller’s Living Office, an in-depth research project and design philosophy geared towards changing our relationship with the spaces in which we work.

Five years later, Disegno is delighted to revisit Dispatches with a new focus. Earlier this year, Herman Miller published ‘How to Catalyze the Workplace for Growth’, a white paper examining the efficacy of the Living Office programme. This paper provided the company with quantifiable data, showing how workplace design factors into the happiness and efficacy of the people within an organisation.

The special print is available as a stand-alone publication and bound into all copies of Disegno #22. Guests will be able to pick up copies of both at the launch party.

Herman Miller
Corso Garibaldi 70
20121 Milan




Disegno x Bisley
You & BOB

You & BOB is an installation curated by Disegno to celebrate the launch of BOB, a magnetic modular storage and display system designed by Paul Kelley for Bisley.

Hand-crafted with high-quality plywood, BOB’s design allows you to adapt it to any situation, whether at home or in the workplace. For You & BOB, Disegno has created a hang-out space for visitors to relax in and play with the BOBs on display. With guidance, visitors can reconfigure BOB to create breakout seating, screens for privacy, co-working spaces or games. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the sets or to reconfigure their own BOB to create a unique and peaceful environment, away from the bustle of the fair.

Via Popoli Uniti 11-13
20125 Milan