Disegno #25

Disegno #25 – A Year in Review


5 December 2019

The winter 2019 issue of the Quarterly Journal of Design, Disegno #25: A year in Review, is now available for pre-order and will be on newsstands from early December.

Disegno #25 is a special issue of the journal that casts a critical eye over the preceding year in contemporary design and surrounding fields. Combining an artist's gallery curated by Annahita Kamali and Florian Böhm of Studio AKFB, with 18 essays exploring themes from the past year, Disegno #25 sets out to examine what design means today.

Exploring topics from technology and data extraction, to museological display and climate crisis, Disegno #25 shines a light on some of the topics that have shaped design over the past year. The issue also includes Beyond Bauhaus, a special publication in conjunction with RIBA that explores the legacy of the Bauhaus émigrés in the UK.

Disegno #25 will be available in shops from early December 2019, and at a special launch event on 12 December 2019 from 6-8pm at RIBA in London. Email [info@disegnomagazine.com] to RSVP.

Disegno #25 includes:

A series of art images curated by Studio AKFB
Annahita Kamali and Florian Böhm

Rigorous Self-Referentiality
MoMA plays itself
Glenn Adamson

A Purchase on the Horizon
Peter Strickland invokes the horrors of retail
Nina Power

What is the Purpose of a Graduate Show?
Can an old format learn new tricks?
Vera Sacchetti

Asks for a Hit of Your Juul
Design in the pocket of Big Vape
Natalie Kane

McModernism, USA
New golden arches for Times Square
Kate Wagner

Unpaid and Encumbered
Caroline Criado-Perez’s exposé of the gender data gap
Kristina Rapacki

You Are Dancing with Death
The enduring enchantments of the nightclub
Catharine Rossi

A Lovecraftian Monster
Zaha Hadid’s final project for Beijing
Lauren Teixeira

Sustained Assault
Tech conquers the marathon
Oli Stratford

A Herculean Task
The Vitra Design Museum’s Atlas of Furniture Design
Johanna Agerman Ross

Peak 2019
How FaceApp reassured us it’ll all be OK
Brendan Cormier

Not Too Anodyne, Not Too Hippy
Designing Extinction Rebellion
Crystal Bennes

If Services Stopped Working as Normal
What would you do in the event of a crisis?
Kieran Long

Blocks, Each Exactly One Cubic Metre
Minecraft breaks out of the digital cage
Kristian Volsing

Personalised Insights and Core Functionalities
The data extraction of period tracking
Tamar Shafrir

There’s Only So Far You Can Go
Reproducing the works of Charlotte Perriand
Andrew Ayers

The Paths that Lead Us to Each Other
The sexytecture of the Cruising Pavilion
Katharine Bonnevier

In the 20 Years That I Have Been Eating Here
Farewell to the American Hot
Deyan Sudjic

Beyond Bauhaus (mini publication)
RIBA’s archival exploration of modernism in the UK