Disegno #20


3 September 2018

Read about the autumn issue of the Quarterly Journal of Design, Disegno #20, which is now available for pre-order and will be in shops in mid-September.

Disegno #20 offers in-depth, long-form journalism and critical writing, as well as inspiring portraiture, arts photography and reportage, all of which provide a window onto contemporary design and surrounding fields.

Highlights from the autumn issue include an assessment of the reintegration of Eero Saarinen's Gateway Arch and attendant museum with downtown St. Louis; a report on the cultural outreach programmes of the Vatican; an afternoon discussion of food development with Carolien Niebling; an interview with film-maker Gary Hustwit about his new documentary on Dieter Rams; a visit to Michael Marriott's studio, where he is meticulously dismantling a primrose yellow Volvo; and an image-led exploration of the contemporary politics of the colour pink.

Disegno #20 includes:

A photoessay documenting the A.M. Qattan Foundation's newly opened cultural centre in Ramallah; an interview with Gary Hustwit about his documentary on Dieter Rams; an object-led exploration of figuration in design; a second serving from designer and self-proclaimed food developer Carolien Niebling; a roundtable discussion about Kickstarter and its younger cousin Quickstarter; a travelogue from Sri Lanka exploring the politics of the country's maritime trade routes; a gallery exploring the contemporary meanings of the colour pink; an examination of the act of copying in architecture, prompted by Katharine Kilalea; reflections on the changing face of Swedish crisis preparation from Kieran Long; three pints served in Kenneth Grange's new glass; a letter from St. Louis about Eero Sarrinen's Gateway Arch; a report on the Vatican's cultural outreach programmes, from Venice to New York; and Disegno's inaugural design crossword.