Disegno #16


4 September 2017

Disegno is pleased to announce that the autumn 2017 issue of the journal is now available to pre-order, and will be available in shops from late September.

Highlights include a photoessay documenting the permutations of Kiruna, an Arctic mining town on the move; an interview in which Paola Antonelli sets out the thinking behind MoMA's long overdue return to fashion; a special project by Yuri Suzuki marking the centenary of Erik Satie's furniture music; a report on the international efforts to protect cultural property in Palmyra; and a cultural history of the driver in the age of automation.

Disegno #16 includes:
Matthias Merkel Hess's ceramics re-wilded in New York's Chinatown; public space in Istanbul under pressure; an assessment of where driverless vehicles leave the cultural cipher of the driver; a micro-history of the protest banner from Glenn Adamson; a documentation of the moving town of Kiruna; the destruction of cultural property in Palmyra and efforts to combat it; cathartic clubbing with Charles Jeffrey from Loverboy; Paola Antonelli on fashion as product design; a re-interpretation of Erik Satie's century-old furniture music by Yuri Suzuki; reflections on the renewed interest in the monumental mosaic art of the former USSR; States of Undress providing fresh perspectives on global fashion and its discontents; app-aided explorations of the architecture of London; and a romp through Helsingborg's Museum of Failure.