Disegno #14


22 March 2017

Disegno is delighted to announce that the spring 2017 issue of the magazine can now be pre-ordered online, and will be available from shops in early April.

Highlights include an interview with J.W. Anderson on his abstractions of the human body; design analyses of the early presidency of Donald Trump; 11 colour exercises by contemporary designers, set by Bauhaus master Johannes Itten; a report from Ikea's quality control unit in Älmhult; a micro-history of designing living matter; and reflections on Rail Baltica, the European Union's largest infrastructure project to date.

Disegno #14 includes:

A photoessay chronicling Talin Hazbar's seaweed structures from the shores of Sharjah, with an introduction by Julia Lohmann; an interview with J.W. Anderson about abstracting the human body at the Hepworth Wakefield; reflections on the cosmic architectural visions of Bruno Taut; exercises in firing lava with Santiago's G2TP; the ins and outs of quality control at Ikea; designers' responses to the speculative nature of Donald Trump's campaign promises; a history of designing living matter as prompted by Crispr biotechnology; 11 colour wheels by Studiopepe, Ronan Bouroullec, Olafur Eliasson, Bethan Laura Wood, Edward Meadham, Ab Rogers, and others; the Kibera Hamlets School in Nairobi, one year on; an anatomy of the co-working space with Onkar Kular; the cultural and logistical challenges of Rail Baltica, the EU's largest infrastructure to date; an analysis of the benefits and limitations of Swedish VAT cuts to small repairs; playing at the intersection of digital and analogue with Beasts of Balance; a review of Netflix's slick poster child for the design world; interface design and music-making with Roli; and Paul Lukas's ill-fated production process.