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Dezeen acquired by JP/Politiken Media Group


9 March 2021

Dezeen, the influential online design magazine, has been acquired by JP/Politiken Media Group, a Danish media group that runs Denmark's Politiken newspaper.

The news was announced on Dezeen's website in a piece written by the magazine's founder, Marcus Fairs. Fairs confirmed that, following the acquisition, he will be staying on as Dezeen's CEO and editor-in-chief.

Dezeen has a new owner. Almost 15 years after I tapped out my first story on my scrappy little blog, the brand has been acquired by JP/Politiken Media Group,” wrote Fairs. “Owned by two private trusts, the Danish media group is committed to social responsibility and believes that journalism is vital to democracy. A shared belief in these principles was a key reason for the deal.”

Fairs wrote that the deal would bring no noticeable change to Dezeen's readers and team. “I've been having on-and-off conversations with key figures at [JP/Politiken Media Group] for a couple of years and it has gradually become clear that there could be no better home for the brand we've built over the last 15 years,” he wrote.

“They will support us and help us to grow while strengthening our resolve to achieve ever-higher standards of journalism and to deliver ever more exciting and ambitious content and services.”

Elsewhere in the article, Fairs speaks about the pressures on online journalism and the challenging business models facing online titles in a field in which advertising – the traditional means through which journalism is funded – is monopolised by Google and Facebook.

Dezeen is a product of the internet age but our journalistic values stem from the print age,” writes Fairs. “These have, at times, had to adapt to technical and commercial realities but we believe in lofty concepts such as truth, accuracy, balance, transparency and the right to reply.”