Celebrating Disegno’s Fifth Birthday


6 October 2016

September 2016 marked Disegno’s fifth birthday. To celebrate, the magazine staged a party on the Monday evening of London Design Festival.

A Night of Five Toasts took place at 66 Leonard Street, a converted Victorian schoolhouse in Shoreditch, east London, on 21 September. The building is the soon-to-be former home of the multimedia creative agency Complete, which has overseen Disegno’s reprographics and colour management since the magazine was founded in 2011.

As well as celebrating Disegno’s fifth birthday, the event also marked the launch of Disegno #12. For the magazine’s special project, Disegno approached nine designers to re-imagine the act of toasting in contemporary society. The resultant rituals are featured in the pages of Disegno #12, with five of the experimental toasts being performed by a group of actors during the event.

The concepts performed on the evening were as follows:

Emilie Baltz created #Toastie, a means of converting social ritual into meme. To create a #Toastie, participants switch on the record function on their mobile phones, preferably with the slow-motion effect activated, and point their cameras at one another. The phones are then clinked together, with the resulting video uploaded to social media.

Jacopo Sarzi’s concept identifies the democratic nature of the toast as essential to its appeal. Toasting is often tied to alcohol, which can prove alienating for those who do not drink. To remove the stigma of non-alcoholic drinks, Sarzi proposed a series of vessels for toasting that conceal their contents.

Formafantasma based its proposal around lightly modifying the existing ritual of toasting, removing the need for glasses and drinks and replacing them with a series of simple hand gestures.

Marije Vogelzang’s approach comprises champagne flutes that are tied to other glasses by a single, long ribbon such that all guests are connected to one another.

Adapting an old folk story, Felipe Ribon has presented a fable in which alcohol contains the spirits of four animals. These spirits possess the drinker and pass on their traits at different stages of drunkenness.

Above, Disegno is delighted to share a gallery of the event, captured by London-based photographer Tom Brooker.