Casa Mondo by MAXXI


14 July 2020

MAXXI in Rome has launched its first digital exhibition on Instagram, featuring graphic design by Formafantasma. They dub the initiative “home-delivered culture”.

As museums are starting to reopen across the globe, social distancing means that visitor numbers, however, remain low. As a result, many institutions are looking at alternative ways of engaging their audiences and expanding beyond local visitors. In response to this scenario, MAXXI in Rome has launched Casa Mondo, its first digital exhibition. It exists on Instagram under the handle @MAXXICasaMondo.

The project is curated by Domitilla Dardi and Elena Tinacci of MAXXI and the exhibition’s digital design has been conceived by Formafantasma.

Casa Mondo looks at the function of the home at the time of a global pandemic. “The lockdown has changed the way we use domestic spaces. The house is the space of our confinement but it is also the border of a world that has somehow been absorbed by the house,” says the exhibition's curatorial statement.

Casa Mondo draws both on archival material from MAXXI’s own collection and also features newly commissioned work by seven international designers. The seven designers explore seven zones of the home including learning, care, open windows, exploring, threshold and food.

So far, Humberto Campana has looked at the concept of “open windows” through a series of 12 collages, followed by Marti Guixé investigating “food” through 12 drawings. Next up is Konstantin Grcic on “learning”, followed by Didier Fiúza Faustino on “care”, Bêka and Lemoine on “exploring”, Sou Fujimoto on “threshold” and Patricia Urquiola on “working”.