Calum Douglas's ECAL


27 April 2017

In September 2016, the Glasgow-based photographer Calum Douglas joined the Photography MA at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Over the course of his first month at the school, Douglas documented the institute and his experiences there, the results of which have now been published in the spring/summer 2017 issue of Printed Pages.

Douglas’s images have a dual value. Primarily, they are a day-to-day account of the workings of one of Europe’s leading design and art institutions. At a time in which the university’s director Alexis Georgacopoulos has overseen a laudable softening of ECAL’s historical focus on rigorous industrial design – and opened up the school to more conceptual work – Douglas has provided a document that serves as a state of the union account of the school.

Alongside this, however, Douglas’s images provide a student’s perspective on ECAL: mixed in amongst photographs of the ECAL's architecture and classes are images showing interactions between students and staff, as well as informal moments taken from students’ lives away from the university. In this respect, Douglas’s photographs are noteworthy as a subjective account of life at ECAL – a student-led piece of reportage.

The full photoessay and accompanying article can be read in the new issue of Printed Pages, which is available from today. Disegno is delighted to be able to share a selection of Douglas’s images in the gallery at the top of this page.