Emoji Project

An Emoji for 2018: Sebastian Bergne


3 January 2018

For Disegno #17, we asked 11 designers to create an emoji they thought we'd need in 2018. To mark the Christmas period, we extended the project online and asked more studios to contribute designs.

The industrial designer Sebastian Bergne responded to the brief with an emoji that reflects on a societal tendency to act without proper consideration of the likely effects. Titled "Shooting yourself in the foot", Bergne's emoji is a playful response to the idea of thoughtless action.

"In so many aspects of life today we seem to be making mistakes because we take action with too little consideration of the consequences," says Bergne. "Whether talking about pollution, global warming, electing rogue leaders or Brexit this visualisation of the popular idiom 'Shooting yourself in the foot' seems likely to be useful in 2018."