Emoji Project

An Emoji for 2018: Peter Marigold


4 January 2018

For Disegno #17, we asked 11 designers to create an emoji they thought we'd need in 2018. To mark the Christmas period, we extended the project online and asked more studios to contribute designs.

The London-based designer and educator Peter Marigold responded with an emoji that feeds into the world's current political climate.

"The film Jaws tells the tale of a tourist resort in America terrorised by a giant white killer shark," says Marigold.

"As a series of corpses begin to turn up on the beaches, the local mayor and the various interested businesses not wishing to spook the public during their most profitable high peak season, set out covering up the unfolding story, even to the extent of encouraging the holiday makers to take part in further water activities until the true horror of the situation becomes clearly apparent.

"Jaws was loosely set around the 1882 play An Enemy of the People by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, in which a local public bath is discovered to be contaminated by cholera and yet the various vested interests do their best to not spook the community, continuing to allow them to bathe in the poisoned water.

"As I trawl far-right extremist sites and particularly conspiracy posts on facebook, I have begun to feel the sensation that this place, the internet, is totally poisoned. We all know it. It’s controlled by bots and forces that are stronger and more effective than any of us understand and it is controlling our social behaviour in ways that we would not wish for. I don’t see a way out from this other than stopping the internet. This is my futile emoji. It’s a pixellated happy Microsoft globe with a red line through it. Stop it."