Emoji Project

An Emoji for 2018: Fontsmith


24 December 2017

For Disegno #17, we asked 11 designers to create an emoji they thought we'd need in 2018. To mark the Christmas period, we extended the project online and asked more studios to contribute designs.

"We all dream of being superheroes, of flying into the bright future from a not-that-bright present," says Fontsmith, the studio behind today's emoji. "It's true, the world needs saving. The good news is that we just need a cape. It should be the same one for everybody because we all are travelling together through space on this mothership called Earth.

"Think about this: when you fly above the clouds there are no countries, races, or genders. We must stop hoisting different capes, look forward with empathy, and go ahead with determination. That's what a superhero would do.

"Fontsmith presents the global cape for the superemoji, and hopes that 2018 is full of confidence, smiles, and rock 'n' roll!"