Airbnb cancels all Washington D.C. reservations for inauguration week

Washington, D.C.

14 January 2021

Short-term rental platform Airbnb is blocking and cancelling all reservations in Washington D.C. during inauguration week. It says it wants to “ensure hate group members are not part of the Airbnb community.”

Following last week’s violent storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters – which resulted in six deaths – companies are scrambling to respond. Airbnb had initially said it would review reservations in the Washington, D.C. area ahead of president-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20 January, and ban guests associated with hate groups. However, the San Francisco-based company has now decided to block or cancel all reservations.

Cancelled reservations will be refunded in full to guests and hosts alike. Airbnb has also joined a number of large companies in committing not to give political donations to Republican politicians who voted against certifying Biden’s win last week. Others to have made the same committment include AT&T, Walmart, and Marriott.

A number of other companies have vowed to stop all political donations, regardless of party affiliation, for the foreseeable future.